Neighbour’s House Abandoned

I am writing this email in the hopes that someone could give us a solution to our problem.

The house at the back of our house is abandoned and the whereabouts of the owner is unknown for some time. We have made many complaints to MBI on the overgrown bushes and trees over the years. MBI has come a couple of times to trim the bushes and trees but recently stopped doing it and instead started to issue notices to the owner.

We have encountered many snakes encroaching into our houses due to this condition in our neighbour’s house. Cobras come inside our houses and need to be chased away at our own risks.

The address of the house is No. 121 Lorong Kilat, Taman Grand Silibin, 30100 Ipoh.

Sanjeev Kumar A/L Krishnan

Editor’s note: The writer has also sent us a screenshot of the complaints made to MBI.

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