KOHIJAU Launched Recycling Reward Point System in Taiping

Residents of Taiping now have the opportunity to embrace the 3R culture by adopting the KOHIJAU-ICYCLE recycling reward point system as Koperasi Alam Hijau Perak Berhad (KOHIJAU) brought its programme to Taiping. It was in conjunction with the Menteri Besar’s meet-the-people session for residents located in the Parliamentary constituency of Bukit Gantang and Taiping from Tuesday, November 22 to Saturday, November 26.

The seventh KOHIJAU-ICYCLE recycling reward point system was launched by Dato’ Seri DiRaja Dr Zambry Abd Kadir at Dataran Kedamaian, Taiping Lake Garden on Wednesday, November 23.

KOHIJAU is a cooperative society set up by members of Ipoh City Watch (ICW), an established NGO whose vision is to help make Ipoh the most liveable city in Malaysia. It aims to promote recycling as part of our culture to create a sustainable environment through social enterprise.

KOHIJAU teams up with iCycle Malaysia to enhance its recycling business throughout Perak using the KOHIJAU-ICYCLE recycling reward point system. Those who are keen to participate in this recycling reward point must first register via Registration is open to any interested individual without any charge. Upon successful registration, KOHIJAU-ICYCLE members will be provided with bar code stickers. They can then collect their recyclables and place them in either a bag or box. The bar code sticker is then stuck to the bag or box before it is dropped into designated KOHIJAU-ICYCLE recycling bins.

The recyclables will then be collected, scanned and then updated into the member’s respective account. Members can check their point online and decide if they want to exchange it with cash or coupons to buy household goods from TESCO or AEON. They can also choose to donate to charity organisations.

Since its launch on October 15, over 300 people have registered and contributed over 4000kg of recyclables. Currently there are seven KOHIJAU-ICYCLE recycling bins located in Jelapang Tambahan, SMK Raja Chulan Ipoh, Loyal Garden, Jln Sultan Nazrin Shah Ipoh, Desa Tambun Indah, Kuala Sepetang, GP Food Court in Buntong and now in Taiping. More locations will be set up soon for the convenience of members.

A portion of the profits generated through KOHIJAU will then be ploughed back to the society including NGOs to help keep the environment clean. This is very much in line with the concept of Social Business City recently adopted by the city council, making Ipoh the fifth city in the world to do so. We are glad that KOHIJAU has become among the first organisation to kickstart the Social Business City concept in solving social problems.

KOHIJAU has projected to sign up with at least 10 corporate members, 20 schools and 500 individuals to be part of KOHIJAU-ICYCLE project. These members are expected to contribute 10,000kg recyclables per month. With recycling points being given out as incentives in exchange for cash or products, this system can help create a sustainable recycling community.

Taking the current population of Perak at 2.4 million, it is estimated that each month a total of 16,000,000kg of garbage being generated per month. By 2020, if nothing is done, Perak will have a total of 768,000,000kg of garbage which will end up in the landfills, illegal dumpsites or ocean.

KOHIJAU-ICYCLE system is expected to help increase the recycling rate in Perak from the current rate of 5% to at least 30% by 2020 with some communities reaching as high a 60% once KOHIJAU introduces organic waste composting in the near future. The national recycling rate is 10% at the moment and has been targeted to reach 20% by 2020. KOHIJAU will work with Perak SWCorp, local councils, other government agencies such as Rukun Tetangga and NGOs to help promote recycling in the state.

For further information, please contact Associate Professor Dr Richard Ng, Chairman of Koperasi Alam Hijau Perak Berhad at: 012 525 6252.

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