Christmas Family Discovery Day

A Christmas Family Discovery Day  was held on December 24, 2016, by the Ipoh Family History Center of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints especially focused on youth.

Twelve youths, mostly Seminary students, participated in the various activities held that day which included a nativity sketch.  They also prepared and displayed their own family tree.  

Theresa Arkeysamy, 16, who prepared her family tree and acted as Mary, the mother of Jesus, said that December 24, 2016 was a day she would never forget.  She got to know the other young people and they had a wonderful time performing together.  

For Diviya Letchiminil, 14, preparing her family tree required a lot of hard work, patience, endurance and creativity.  Completing her family tree taught her to never give up when a task seemed impossible to accomplish. She was able to produce a fantastic family tree with her mother’s help. If only her dad, who had passed on, could see the tree!  

Milcah Chuza Vincent, 16, and her parents sacrificed their Christmas trip to Kuala Lumpur so that she could perform in the Christmas sketch. She, with the assistance of her parents, spent much time preparing their family tree. She is indeed very grateful to have such supportive, loving and caring parents.

It was a day to remember for the youths. They performed 16 times for the audience that came at different hours that day. It was a discovery day indeed.

Adults also took the opportunity to present their family trees. For young single adult Sunny Wong, 21, preparing his family tree caused him to know and to appreciate his ancestors more.  

Doris Seow’s creativity enabled her to produce a breathtaking family history of her ancestors.  Her story began in Fujian, China. Chris Liew, other than her family tree, had family artifacts on display: her grandmother’s steel suitcase when she came from China, a wooden mining ‘dulang’ etc. Tan Seow Heng, with the help of his wife, Lau Wai Peng, prepared his family tree and shared the sacrifices that his ancestors made when they first came to Malaya.

All in all a very touching and moving day was had by all.

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