Capacity Building Programme for NGOs

Institut Darul Ridzuan (IDR) conducted a two-day programme on capacity building for NGOs on four topics. The topics were Fund Raising, Effective Communication, Self Branding and Project Management.

I attended three of the programmes which were informative and of practical value.

Raihan Abdul Rahman, Certified Competent Trainer conducted the course on Effective Communication. Her theory and group assignments were balanced and the subject matter was informative. We must remember that the first impression is the lasting one.

The etiquette of giving and receiving calling cards was educational. The card must be given with both hands and the heading must face the recipient. The recipient must also accept it with both hands. The card must not be put away immediately in front of the person who gave it.

I liked The Dirty Dozen or 12 excuses given by organisations starting from “I don’t know” to “This in not our policy” excuses.

Roslan Abdullah, Consultant, conducted the course on ‘Self Branding’ and his method was informal. To be an effective NGO, the branding must be right. The public must have the right perception of the NGO and it must deliver its promises. NGOs must know their target audience.

To be successful NGOs must know their strengths and weaknesses as well as the strengths and weaknesses of their competitors and work on these to achieve their goal.

Unlike other presenters, Roslan did not give any printed hand outs and said he would email them. He has not done so and also did not give his contact details. The majority of the participants were middle aged and did not take notes.

Niza Haniz Mustaffa, Consultant, conducted the course on ‘Effective Management’. Niza is involved with NGO Kaseh4u which provides food for the street people in KL. He shared his experience on how to get funding by organising projects and also how to get volunteers.

He divided the participants into two groups to plan the kenduri for a Malay wedding. This was a practical exercise on project management. The  discussion that followed brought out the requirements for an effective project management.

On the whole the programme was based on the experience of the presenters and of practical value which can be adopted by all NGOs.

My suggestion to IDR is to call for a follow-up meeting with participants within four months to evaluate the effectiveness of the programme. They can invite those who attended all or three of the programmes. Future programmes can be structured based on the feedback.

A. Jeyaraj

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