SK Kampung Kenang to Pioneer 21st Century Education

SK Kampung Kenang was selected to be the pioneer school to receive the 21st century education through the 21st Century Education Programme that will be shared by other Orang Asli school (SMOA) in Perak.

According to the Head of Department of Perak State Education, Mat Lazim Idris, SK Kampung Kenang will also be the first SMOA in Perak to perform a showcase in English.

“SK Kampung Kenang was selected as the pioneer because they have the potential and hopefully it will inspire other SMOA schools too,” said Mat Lazim during the event held at Sk Kampung Kenang on May 22.

SK Kampung Kenang Orang Asli school (SMOA) Perak

The 21st century education will be focussing on the 4K elements that are Collaborative, Communication, Creativity and Critical Thinking. These four elements will be used during  lessons, depending on the student’s level of understanding and comprehension of the subject. Mat Lazim then added that these techniques will also be expanded to all 28 SMOA schools in Perak, “We want to make sure that all the teachers in SMOA schools will apply the 21st century education in the classroom to benefit the students,” added Mat Lazim.

Attending the affair with Mat Lazim were the Head of State Inspectorate of schools, Mohd Hidzir Abdul Rashir, Perak and Kedah Head of Department of Orang Asli Development (JAKOA) Hairul Nizam Abdul Rahman, Perak state education officer Syed Mahizan Syed Hashim and the headmaster of SK Kampiung Kenang, Mohd Ridzuan Hasnan.

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