Yoga for Back Care: Lower Back Charity Workshop (25 Aug 2017)

It is not uncommon to experience lower back pain with the increasing sedentary lifestyle, be it at the desk or behind the wheels. Imbalance postural habits, past injuries, muscular or structural asymmetries are common causes of lower back pain. Whilst there may also potentially be emotional tension related back pain.

Muscles along the lower back can often become locked and tight, causing pain, spasm and compression. At a physiological level, the lack of blood circulation (life force or Prana), may affect the vital organs, resulting in stress within the digestive, reproductive, urinary, respiratory systems etc. This may result in unnecessary tension inhibiting the healthy function of the physiological system. Especially with chronic lower back discomfort, this may impact one’s daily activities, ie. sitting, standing, walking or simply performing daily chores, let alone one’s quality of sleep may also be affected.

In this experiential workshop, Adelene has carefully selected a sequence of simple and effective yoga postures and breathing practices tailored specifically for those experiencing lower back discomfort, and explore how our organ system and energetic body play a vital role in supporting our back. Tension release and relaxation techniques will also be introduced to alleviate symptoms of discomfort.

In this workshop:
– Understand the theory of pain and sensation
– Refine Awareness
– Tension release and relaxation practices to alleviate discomfort
– Recalibrate a coherent structure of support
– Experience postures to strengthen and support

Many have found this practice help lighten the spine, reduce compression, release muscular and organ tension, enjoy a sense of space and aliveness, and improve overall well-being mentally and emotionally. For all levels. Informative and practical for both students, and experienced practitioners.

Venue : Ipoh Swimming Club

Time: 10.30am–12.30pm

Ticket Price:  MYR100*

UOB Account: 1033031713
Name: Ong Ee Dith
Ref: Yoga (your full name)

* All proceeds to Children’s home and Noah’s Ark Charity for Animal Welfare.

** Please bring a yoga mat, two bath towels and a small pillow for practice. Yoga blocks and straps are helpful but not compulsory.

For more information or to book, please contact Edith Ong via, or message / WhatsApp +6012 5015331.

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