Can Someone Help These Boys?

I had been visiting Ipoh since 2015, for a few weeks every few months, and I find it very lovely. However, I keep seeing these three underaged boys wandering around the city. I like walking around and I keep seeing these three underaged boys, a pair of twins between the ages of 12 to 15 years and their younger brother, probably below 12 years old. I have seen them sleeping in front of shop lots in Greentown Ipoh and the overpass bridge at the UTC Ipoh building. I also saw them sniffing something from a plastic bag, what looked like some glue and on occasions even smoking. I tried to approach them once but they ran away; I think one of the older boy’s name is Fazlan. I think the tyre shop in front of the Fair Park Hotel Ipoh knows these three boys since I saw them around that area most of the time.

I saw the twin boys again at night last August 22 at 10.30pm and they appeared to be sniffing something from plastic bags at the park beside Hospital Fatimah going to AEON Kinta City, and this time on bicycles.

On August 25, the twin boys were asleep in Infinity internet cafe at Jalan Medan 2. The shop is well covered by CCTV. I’m sure the authorities can request Infinity for a copy of the CCTV on this date between 9am and 11am. I saw them loitering around the hawker area before midnight the night before.

I hope the plight of these boys gets the attention of the proper authorities and someone can help them.

Helen Dalton

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