Vandalism a Growing Menace

Wandering with Jack

By Jack Foo

Vandalism, as defined in the dictionary, is an action involving the deliberate destruction of public or private property by individuals or a group. This has been the bane of society since time immemorial.

Vandalism is a crime and, therefore, should be taken seriously. It is akin to getting robbed on the streets, as the action of damaging a historical building is similar to stealing the building’s identity, something which the community abhors. There are laws against vandalism and perpetrators can be prosecuted.

Old colonial-era buildings, which are synonymous with Ipoh’s global identity, are slowly withering away as they are being defaced with irrelevant spray-painted caricatures, fonts, images and cartoons; an eyesore to visitors that inundate our proud capital city. The carnage, however, does not stop at public buildings alone, even private restaurants, eateries and retail outlets are being vandalised too.

As a society blessed with these eminent landmarks found nowhere else, we should strive to preserve our heritage through collective social responsibility. We can do this with heightened public awareness and police involvement.

If you see someone committing acts of vandalism, from spray-painting to destroying properties, report such actions to the nearest police station.

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