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Illegal Dumping in Ipoh Garden

Old clothing, rubbish-filled plastic bags, old mattresses, construction debris, wood, metals, etc. are found lumped together at a spot in almost every housing estate in the city. The city’s back lanes are a favourite. A collection of these discards is known as an illegal dumpsite, a word which is synonymous with Ipoh.

Due to dampness, mosquitoes thrive. Thus the spread of mosquito-borne diseases such as dengue and malaria becomes real. Despite repeated warnings and actions by Ipoh City Council, the problem persists. Cleanliness and health campaigns do not seem to work.

Sensing the extent of the problem, Ipoh Echo sent its team on a snooping mission around Ipoh Garden. The team stopped near one “hotspot” near Jalan Carlos and observed from afar.

A motorcyclist came by and, despite the team’s presence, disposed a plastic bag filled with rubbish. He seemed so brazen, dumping garbage in broad daylight.

Ipoh City Council has organised numerous “gotong royong” in and around the city but in spite of its efforts residents still prefer the illegal dumpsite nearest to their homes. It is so irresponsible of them. They neither care for the environment nor the wellbeing of their neighbourhood. That explains why the problem is rampant and difficult to eradicate.

Illegal dumpsites in Ipoh Garden are found mainly along Jalan Sungai Senam, Jalan Too Jee Lim and Jalan Carlos. Besides being an eyesore, they also mar the view of the area and, invariably, affects the city’s attractiveness.

Who do we blame? Residents point to the lack or absence of enforcement as the underlying factor. Between January 1 and August 12 the Council had organised 74 “gotong-royong” but the problem remains. It all boils down to one single factor – attitude.

The team went further by eliciting comments from residents. Here is a sampling:

According to one homemaker who wished to be known only as “Mrs Lee”, the illegal dumpsite in her “taman” is known to all.

“The problem has no happy ending. Once it’s cleared by Council staff, people will start dumping rubbish again. It’s an ongoing thing,” lamented the forty-something lady.

Belinda believes it is an incurable disease afflicting the community. It only takes one person to do it and others will follow suit.

“City Council should have the area monitored.  However, it’s an attitude problem and, as such, it’s difficult to overcome. Now that Ipoh has been declared the cleanest city, City Council should be more proactive and try hard to maintain the status,” she insisted.

According to Mayor Dato’ Zamri Man, the Council had disposed almost 3800 tons of garbage from illegal dumpsites in the city between January 1 and August 12.

Within the same period it had issued 2322 compounds worth RM489,650 to those caught dumping rubbish at illegal dumpsites.

Come on Ipohites. Do your bit. Change your attitude!

To dispose of garden refuse, etc., contact MBI: 05 254 0096 (Buntong) or 05 208 3333 (Health Department).

Nabilah Hamudin

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