Old Town Popularity

The downside of the popularity of old town is that it is becoming very congested. Tourist buses and cars are parked along the main roads causing traffic jams. One way of partly solving the problem is to provide a shuttle bus service from the railway station and Medan Kidd to old town. A covered walkway can be built from the railway station to old town. After sitting in the train for more than two hours, tourists may like to take a slow walk. Those driving cars, can park in Medan Kidd and take the shuttle bus. This would ease the traffic jam, especially on weekends.

Due to the high demand, traders have hiked the price of food and souvenir items. My friends from KL are saying that curry mee in Ipoh costs more than in KL. If this trend continues, tourists would skip this place and go elsewhere. Consumers do look at value for money. Traders must keep this in mind.

A. Jeyaraj

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