Stink over Roaming Buffaloes

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By A. Jeyaraj

The above was a complaint in Finding solutions section of NST (Friday March 9, 2018). Residents from several housing estates in Ipoh complained about unsupervised buffaloes and cows in their area. (In fact stray cattle can be seen in many parts of the city. Ipoh can aptly be named a cowboy town).

I quote the reply from Actionline in the paper:

“Ipoh Mayor Datuk Zamri Man had recently said the respective farmers were warned to supervise their livestock or risk being fined or the animals seized and auctioned off.”

There used to be a “cowboy squad” in MBI to round up stray cattle. What happened to this squad? I have spoken to enforcement staff in MBI and they explained that catching buffaloes is dangerous and their staff have been hurt.

Some time back, the state government had directed that no cattle or goat rearing be allowed within the city centre. Judging from the existing stray cattle problem, this directive appears to be no longer effective and the cattle farmers have not been relocated.

The state government must allocate suitable land outside the city to cattle breeders and ask them to move out. We can breed cattle on a commercial scale and instead of importing beef we can export beef.

Why is the Mayor not taking any action?

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