Illegal Parking Attendants a Bane

During my recent visit to the flea market at Memory Lane Ipoh, I noticed that this market is growing very popular among the locals and tourists. This is a place where bargain hunters look for various interesting items.

But the sad part is, these days there are many illegal parking attendants operating illegally along Jalan Lim Bo Seng, the road opposite the Riverfront Hotel. These illegal parking attendants are abusing public amenities for their own benefit by sheer exploitation and outright bullying by collecting ‘parking fees’ from the public.

One must be aware that illegal parking attendants can be charged under Section 50(3) of the Road Transport Act 1987. It states that anyone who waits on the road or parking place, to force motorists to let them watch or clean their cars, or to direct the driver into a parking spot, shall be guilty of an offence. This technically means one can take action against these illegal parking attendants and car cleaners.

Therefore, I would like to suggest to the Ipoh City Council, that they display red signboards that forbid illegal parking attendants in hot spots where the illegal attendants are known to operate. Furthermore, there should be a joint operations between the police and the Ipoh City Council’s enforcement team to eradicate the menace of parking touts in Ipoh.

Also, set up police beat bases and operate police patrolling in these areas to curb illegal parking activities in Ipoh.

S. Sundralingam

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