KinderJoy Launches LittleLives Family Portal

Tadika KinderJoy is the first preschool chain in Perak adopting an innovative use of leading education technology, LittleLives, for their 500 students. Notably, the LittleLives parents’ access portal, Little Family Room, will be launched to boost communication channels between the school and parents.

Tadika KinderJoy will be utilising Little Family Room, by LittleLives, to facilitate the sharing of every child’s check-in records, photographs of each child’s learning moments in an unique portfolio, monthly invoices and receipts, and progress report books with parents. Through these features, they hope to communicate more frequently with parents and foster stronger relationships between them.

With the following features offered by LittleLives, Tadika KinderJoy aims to provide a greater understanding of the importance of their child’s learning to parents, which ultimately results in a more positive and holistic learning journey for children enrolled in Tadika KinderJoy.

Through the Little Family Room application, teachers and parents form a better understanding of a child’s life, environment, and influences. This, in turn, can aid teachers’ understanding of how they can best teach and care for their students. As a leading service provider notably in Singapore, LittleLives has provided a platform to share unforgettable moments with families which has enabled happier and more comprehensive early childhood experiences in Malaysia and across Asia.


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