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Learning from the Expert

The UCSI Symphony Orchestra visited Tenby Schools Ipoh on the afternoon of Saturday May 12. The visit was the first stop of their concert tour which also includes trips to Bukit Mertajam and Penang. Many were present to watch the orchestral performance, including students from Tenby and St Michael’s Institution.

The show started with individual performances from four members of the orchestra who entertained the audience with their virtuosity. The performance was very informative as the orchestra members explained the history and anatomy of their respective instrument after each performance. It was not a conventional show by any means but it was definitely one the audience enjoyed, as they learned a lot, including how to make a horn with a hose and a funnel.

The UCSI Symphony orchestra performance then followed. The ensemble consisted of 37 musicians led by Cheryl Mah, the resident conductor and music director of the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre Symphonic Band. The audience was entertained to a number of classical pieces.

At the end of the show, two students from Tenby were given a masterclass by violin maestro Dr Goh Chia Chien, an Associate Professor of Music at UCSI University. Dr Jeffrey Rowlands, the director of music at Tenby said that it was a treat for the students, as they rarely get the chance to learn from a professional.

“It’s not only educational but entertaining as well. I hope the students learned a thing or two from Goh,” said Jeffrey.

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