Open Letter to Tun Dr Mahathir

Under the leadership of Dato’ Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the opposition could not defeat the BN government in the last two general elections in 2008 and 2013. If the 2018 election had been contested under Anwar’s leadership, it is highly probably that Dato’ Seri Najib Razak will remain as Prime Minister and BN will still be in power today.

All Malaysians are fully aware that without your heroic intervention and the tremendous amount of time and effort you put into pulling together a chaotic and disorganised opposition and taking the case against Najib and his corruption to the people, especially the Malay rakyat, Pakatan Harapan could not have won the right to form the government.

I know you are facing a lot of difficulty in the appointment of Ministers because every high-ranking politician in Pakatan Harapan now thinks he or she deserves to enjoy the fruits of power and should be considered for a leading role in the new government.

It is clear that you cannot please everybody and that only a very small number of Parliamentarians can become Ministers. As Prime Minister, you have the right to use your discretion to choose the right candidates from the list submitted by each coalition party.

I have full confidence in your judgement and ability to assemble the best possible team to lead the country out of the political wilderness that Najib and BN have led the country to.

Your Vision 2010

So please continue with exercising the power you have as Prime Minister. Make any appointment you see necessary to reform the country, repair the damage and take the country and the younger generation forward in your long-stated mission for Malaysia to become a fully developed, vibrant and progressive society and advanced economy.

When you were the Prime Minister of Malaysia, you openly declared your Vision 2020. Now at 92 years old you have managed to change the corrupted BN government and to become the new Prime Minister.


Your ultimate aim is now likely to be to achieve your Vision 2020 to make Malaysia a full developed and successful nation, not a failed one. The task is more difficult as we have already lost 20 years as well as billions of ringgit through 1MDB and other failed projects of the Najib regime.

My book “Malaysia: Road Map for Achieving Vision 2010”

In 2012, I published my book “Malaysia: Road Map for Achieving Vision 2020”. The book analyses why and how the country has failed to make any headway in achieving the goals of 2020 and what stands in the way.

I hope you can remember that I gave you a copy of my book when you were campaigning in Padang Rengas, Perak about six months ago.

It is my humble request that you read my book to see the deep hole that BN rule has dug for the economy and society and to serve as a reminder of some of the major challenges that you and Pakatan Harapan will face in the coming years.

The Best Way Forward

For now, I wish to emphasise again the following sectors in which the new PH government needs to prioritise a meritocratic system:

University places should be allocated based on examination results and should not be based on race or other forms of quotas. We need the best people to manage the country.

Entry and promotion in civil service, police and army must similarly be based on educational qualifications and working experience.  There must be no political or party interference in the civil service. We need the best people to manage the country.

Follow the World Bank’s procurement guidelines for all contracts – major or minor. All contracts exceeding Rm 10,000 must call for an open tender and the cheapest contractor should be given the contract should he fulfil the other conditions of eligibility. You must review all those large contracts and concessions given by the BN government without open tenders. For example, the East Coast Railway contract which is the most expensive per km in the world.

Finally, but perhaps most important, the PH government must not only acknowledge that all Malaysians are equal under the law irrespective of race and religion but they must also fully practice it.

Koon Yew Yin

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