“Ipoh, an Historic City”

Re the piece “Ipoh, an historic city” on p1 of IE 282, I would like to point out that Tambun Cave is not a cave. It is a limestone cliff and it can be described as a rock shelter. There is no cave. The article suggests the drawings are up to 15m high, which is misleading. It should say that this is the height above floor level.

However, some are actually 25m above floor level, although most are at 6m above the floor.

I’ve never heard of there being a drawing of a mermaid, I assume the writer has misread dugong (an animal which is depicted, see photo) for duyung (mermaid). Also I’m not sure if there really is a drawing of a fawn inside the mother. The researchers have classified the X-ray drawing as being a mountain goat, as it is quite different from the paintings of deer.

Liz Price

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