First Health H.A.T. Run

Under the acronym of H.A.T. (Happy, Active and Temperance), Pantai Hospital Ipoh (PHI) organised the first ever 5km hat run on Sunday, July 22.

Sporting fancy hats of all hues, the 700 eager participants were flagged off at the hospital’s new carpark by Howard Lee Chuan How, the Executive Councillor for Youth, Sports and Character Building, Dr Shuba Srinivasan, Acting Senior Operations Manager of PHI and Yang Kar Ming, Group Chairman of PruOne Agency, Prudential.

Led by Howard Lee, more than half of the hospital’s resident consultants and avid runners from as far as Kenya completed the health run with a fun element.

Howard Lee shared the first two key messages of health – happy and active. “The answer is easy, stay active to have a good mood and positive thinking. We are a very forward-leaning society – we drive forward, lean forward, slouch over our desks all day and a lot of time craning your neck over your smartphone too. These are the small little things which we have overlooked and cause pain and stress. Then you started to skip your workout to save energy but end up always feeling tired,” he explained.

“In a University of Georgia study, sedentary but otherwise healthy adults who began exercising lightly three days a week for as little as 20 minutes at a time reported feeling less fatigued and more energised after six weeks,” he pointed out.

“This is not just a run, we hope to remind you of the three simple health tips namely happy, active and temperance. Temperance is the control of your own behaviour. We need to be mindful of our health. PHI proudly attributes our success to temperance in all things. Bravo to each of you who consistently exercise and adopt a healthy lifestyle,” stated Dr Shuba Srinivasan, representing Chong Siet Fong, CEO of PHI.

Present was M.S. Thas, Member of the Board of Management of PHI.

Mei Kuan

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