Ipoh a Rubbish City?

Ipoh was once the cleanest town in the country, but I can’t say the same now, as rubbish is found everywhere.

Sadly, no one seems to care. Rubbish that is left in front of houses for collection is messed up by cats, dogs and scavengers. The animals look for food scraps while humans look for recyclable items for sale. And in doing so, they scatter the rubbish further.

To my utter dismay, even educated Ipohites dispose rubbish, mainly garden waste, indiscriminately without a care for the environment.

To make matters worse dog owners would take their pets for a walk and allow their dogs to defecate along the way without picking up the poop. It is simply awful.

To further “decorate” Ipoh, illegal loan shark (ah long) banners and bills are pasted everywhere. The illegal activities of these loan sharks have tarnished the reputation of Ipoh. The authorities seem not to bother, as no punitive actions are taken.

I fulfil my responsibility as a good citizen by removing these posters and bills. I hope other Ipohites will do their part to keep the city clean.

Let us make Ipoh a great place to live and retire, as claimed by international travel guide book, Lonely Planet.

If all of us adopt a “tidak apa” attitude, Ipoh will soon become a notorious “Rubbish City”. The ball is in your court.

Vious Tan

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