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Over a thousand kindergarten students and family members attended the Chung Shan Kindergarten Annual Concert 2018 on Sunday, September 30. The auspicious event was held at the Poi Lam Secondary School, with students aged between four to six years old being the main performers.

The show began with the singing of Negaraku, followed by school song. Then, a 300-student choir sang two songs entitled, “Setia” and “A little Love”.

The highlight of the concert was when the non-Chinese, namely African, Indian and Malay pupils delivered speeches in Mandarin. They were representatives from graduating classes. Awards were given to the children of graduating classes for their achievements.

The event was conducted by the students themselves. The master of ceremonies spoke Mandarin, English and Malay fluently.

Parames, 42, who works as an administrator at a company in Ipoh spoke of her 6-year-old daughter’s achievement at the Chung Shan Kindergarten.

“I’ve a nephew, aged 4, and a niece, aged 5, studying here. It’s crucial to learn languages. My daughter can speak four languages (Tamil, Mandarin, Malay and English). The kindergarten gets parents involved in all their activities. That way, I get to spend time with my daughter,” she said.

Qistina Izfarina

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