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According to A. Sivanesan, Executive Councillor for Civil Society, Consumer Affairs, National Integration, Human Resources and Health, Cuepecs (Congress of Unions of Employees in the Public and Civil Services) is in the final stage of discussion with the state government and the Human Resources Ministry for the establishment of a rehabilitation centre and a hospital in Perak estimated to cost RM500 million.

“Five hundred workers will be initially employed. Officials from Sosco will be coming on Thursday, December 5. The state has, in principle, agreed to set up both the rehabilitation centre and the hospital, fully financed by Socso. If this rehabilitation centre becomes a reality, it’s going to be the largest in Southeast Asia. We’re leaving to Socso to choose a suitable location out of the spots identified,” said Sivanesan (DAP-Sungkai) to reporters during a break of the on-going State Legislative Assembly on Tuesday, December 4.

The rehabilitation centre and hospital are meant for Sosco contributors. It will be open to the public and for health tourism as well, but with a dedicated fee structure. It comes with a dialysis centre, among others to reduce disability percentage.

This will be the second rehabilitation centre besides the first one located in Ayer Keroh, Malacca. Socso contributors in the north will patronise the centre in Ipoh while those in the south can opt for the one in Melaka.

“If a person suffers a stroke, the Socso doctors will finalise the percentage of disability payment. Assuming he is 60% disabled, they pay him 60%, he takes Socso monthly pension and he goes home. If he comes here, treatment is given to reduce the 60% to 30%, for instance. Thus, Socso can reduce disability pension as well. It’s a win-win situation for both parties. It benefits the Socso insurers too,” he elaborated.

“Secondly, Cuepacs has acknowledged that Ipoh and Taiping have the largest number of retirees in the whole country thus Cuepacs is in discussion with me to build a centre in Perak to cater for the elderly, especially retired civil servants who have no one to turn to. It’ll be the first of its kind in Malaysia,” he stated.

“Cuepacs has, in principle, agreed to have their national conference next year in Perak for the first time in history and we will be the host,” he exclaimed.

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