Taiping Zoo’s Latest Addition

Taiping Zoo welcomed two new members, a male baby elephant and an African Spoonbill, at the end of last year.

President of Taiping Municipal Council, Dato’ Abdul Rahim Md Ariff said, the birth of the baby elephant, who weighed about 90kg, makes the overall number of elephants in the zoo nine in all – seven females and two males.

According to Rahim, the mother of the calf, named Taiping, last gave birth in 2011.

“This is Taiping’s fifth baby,” Rahim told reporters. “Calf and its mother will be separated from the other elephants for a few days before being reunited,” said Abdul Rahim.

The zoo also witnessed the hatching of an African Spoonbill known by its scientific name Platalea alba, weighing 50g. With the latest addition, the number of African Spoonbills now stands at three – the parents and the hatchling whose sex is still unknown.

The African Spoonbill has its own distinct features. Its beak is in the shape of a spoon. The bird builds its nest on shrubs and in mangrove forests in order to hide from its predators.

“The births help to sustain the zoo’s wildlife population,” said Rahim. Taiping Zoo recorded 34 animal births in 2018. These new arrivals add on to the zoo’s wildlife population. Presently, there are about 1400 animals from 140 different species, in all.

Meantime, the exchange of animals between Taiping Zoo and Fukuoka Zoo, Japan will be incorporated in the Memorandum of Understanding between Taiping Municipal Council and the City of Fukuoka, Japan.

“Other than the zoo, Fukuoka is also interested in what Taiping has to offer. Their officials make frequent visits to the town,” said Abdul Rahim.

Luqman Hakim

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