Letter: A Well-argued Piece

I wish to refer to your editorial titled, “Religion Is Everything” in Ipoh Echo Issue 308 dated July 16 to 31. ’

What goes around comes around. Well done! You managed to surgically unravel some defying realities why Islam is the raison d’etre for the nation’s lack of progress and constructive development.

The foundation laid is too deep. It would take a mammoth political and courageous will to undo, let alone to discuss it sanely. As long as religion is the primary reason for political survival, it would remain an impossible dream.

The only hope, perhaps, is for the future generations to be better informed on the purity, beauty and virtues of Islam.

Having said that, only the Malays, through sheer number, can resolve this problem. If allowed to fester, the Malays would be the ones to lose, as it is an exercise in futility. My fear is the impact Islamic State (IS) returnees would have on the people.

A very well argued and dissected piece, I must say. Hopefully, it will get the coverage it truly deserves followed by some constructive feedback, of course.

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Sir.

Nazrul Abdullah

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