Mid-Autumn Festival Cultural Delights

It was a joyous occasion where family and friends took the opportunity to reunite and celebrate togetherness at Ipoh Parade last weekend.

The Mid Autumn Festival celebrated at Ipoh Parade over the long weekend first saw the Mid-Autumn Costume Contest on Saturday evening. A total of 21 kids dressed in their best for the Mid Autumn Festival and cat-walked their way to wow the audiences and judges. Wilson Lee emerged as the Champion with his unique costume which carried the theme of the Jade Rabbit from the Moon, as the legend has it. “My mum spent sleepless nights making the costume and I have surely made her proud,” remarked Wilson.

The second day of the celebration started with about 100 pieces of creative handmade lanterns (both from on-site and off-site competitions) displayed at the atrium for judging which added to the Mid Autumn festive ambience in the mall.

Together with 15 Lions Clubs from Perak and Selangor, Ipoh Parade organised its second lantern-making competition at the mall. Some 33 children and their companions created lanterns with recycled materials at the mall’s main atrium in the on-site challenge.

Alan Thoo, Head of Marketing and Promotions for Ipoh Parade said, “we hope to instil in our shoppers the importance to reduce, reuse and recycle to protect our environment as a whole.”

With the conclusion of the lantern-making competition, Ipoh Parade gave out some 500 free lanterns to shoppers while entertaining them with a fusion dance. A pair of LED Lions and a fire ball-chasing Dragon dance leapt into the mall accompanied by the thunderous drum beating and cymbal clapping. This marked the start of the much-awaited lantern parade. Led by the lions, dragon and seven Chinese Fairies, shoppers came in pairs and with their family members, joined in the fun walking around the mall with lanterns on everyone’s hand. The parade lasted for about 30 minutes.

After the lantern parade, shoppers gathered at the main atrium to enjoy a series of 9 cultural dances which included the Traditional Fan Dance, Umbrella Dance, Ribbon Dance and etc.

The celebration continued the next day with celebrity siblings Nick and Stella performing their latest single at the meet-and-greet session which lasted for more than an hour.

“We are pleased the event lined-up has brought together family members and friends who shopped at Ipoh Parade,” said Lim Huey Tyng, Assistant Manager for Advertising and Promotions at Ipoh Parade.

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