Sharing: Can we be part of the journey towards inclusion for adults with Autism? (25 Oct 2019)


“All I want is my son to be independent in all his daily needs””I hope he can fit into society as much as possible””I wish she could have some friends to hang out with”
These are the hope and vision that we collected since 2016, from the parents with special needs in Penang and Vietnam.
We have been striving our best to work with students with special needs not just in sustaining jobs, but also aligning with parents’ hope, working towards their independent living and to be included in our society. Our students have been learning to take Grab and ordering food by themselves lately using 4 steps to communication!
We have been curious about parents from other states… Are we all thinking the same too? Here, Eileen and I (Alyson) would love to explore our neighbour state, IPOH to understand more about the journey of parents and people with special needs and certainly their hope and vision too! <3

Parents of children on the Autism Spectrum
Special needs teachers in Ipoh
Professionals in dealing with Autism or Special needs in Ipoh
Businesses who are interested to promote inclusion in Ipoh

Hi, we are from LemmeLearn, an inclusive vocational training center for adults with special needs. Since 2016, we have advocated for sustainable inclusion and independence in our students by partnering with local businesses in Penang as a platform to provide hands-on training.We have done pre-vocational workshops in Penang and Vietnam. This month, we are excited to invite you to join us to understand the special needs community and future plans for inclusion in Ipoh. This sharing would be an informal meet-up, for parents and LemmeLearn so that we can understand your journey raising a child with special needs, your struggles and strategies, and your future plans for your child while transitioning them to adulthood.
**Sharing will be conducted in Mandarin and English.Date: 25th October 2019 (Friday)Time: 7pm – 9pm Venue: One Platform Resources, Ipoh, PerakFee: RM30 per pax Registration Link:
Description of Speakers:1) Alyson Thor* Co-founder of LemmeLearn* Vocational Inclusion Specialist, Special Needs Educator* Member of the British Psychological Society* BSc in Psychology (Hons), UK* 8 years of working experience with people with special needs2) Eileen Soon* Founder of LemmeLearn* Consultant Inclusion Specialist, Special Needs Educator* Master of Special Education, US* Over 10 years of working experience with People with Special Needs* TEDx Speaker on “How Autism Inclusion Transforms Your Community”

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