Furry Friends at Cats Cottage


By Murni Fazira

Located at Taman Pengkalan Pertama, the ‘Cats Cottage’ studio has been operating since April 2019 with 22 cats of various breeds.

This studio opens daily between 12pm to 10pm. The entrance fee is RM5 per person for a duration of 30 minutes to play with the cats. Incidentally, it is the only studio of its kind in Ipoh.

Lisut, the owner of the facility, said that their cats participated in a few competitions and won a few.

Besides being a cat studio, other services for cats are also offered like grooming and boarding.

Prices are rather reasonable. For adult cats, the fee is around RM40 to RM45 per animal while for kittens it is around RM30 to RM35. For flea treatments, an additional RM10 is charged. Boarding for vaccinated cats is RM15 per night.

A vet visits the studio on a monthly basis. The staff are trained to nurse and treat sick felines.

On weekends, the studio will be filled with families dropping by to play with the cute furry friends.

The studio is well-maintained. It is clean and is customer-friendly. The cats are well-mannered; they do not scratch or hiss at visitors. It is definitely a perfect place for children.

For more information, visit their Facebook page at or their Instagram at


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