MAJU Roadshow Goes North

By Mei Kuan

Designed to be an organisation aimed at changing the social and political landscape of the country towards a more progressive and dynamic Malaysia, MAJU (Malaysian Action for Justice and Unity) sets out to create a voice for the people by having citizens as its supporters. The MAJU roadshow made its Ipoh stopover recently. It featured an informal dialogue with lawyer Siti Kasim, founder of MAJU and Prof Tajuddin Rasdi, MAJU Advisory Committee member.

An independent, apolitical, non-governmental organisation and a registered foundation, MAJU strives to be the pre-eminent platform to drive the agenda of social and human rights advancement for a progressive Malaysia. Its purposes are, among others, to promote a united multi-ethnic multi-religious society, provide legal and social services to persecuted and marginalised people, enhance the understanding of citizen rights and civic duties and promote educational reforms that would enhance equality and unity.

“This is the second leg of our roadshow about awareness on the existence of MAJU which is the movement of the rakyat. We want the rakyat to know that there is an alternative besides what is being given to us right now by political parties. We want to tell the rakyat that we are going to save ourselves. Plus, to empower the people and tell them that they have rights. We are saying not to rely on politicians, we have to actually do things on our own,” said Siti Kasim to Ipoh Echo at the Tow Boo Keong Temple hall in Ipoh.

“The membership is open to all Malaysians from the age of 18 and above. We want Malaysians to put their money where their mouth is. Do not stop complaining, do something. We want to change the mindset of Malaysians. Political parties are not the only way forward, we can actually stand on our own as rakyat and together we choose our own representatives in our parliament,” she reiterated.

For more info, check out its Facebook page (Maju Malaysia) or visit its website:


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