Kindergarten brings the Buzz of Learning to town this March (14 Mar 2020)

Kinder Labz is looking to bring the buzz of learning to visitors through a Family Fun and Open Day which will be held at the kindergarten’s grounds on March 14; giving visitors a closer look at the buzzing kindergarten.

A host of interesting activities will include ‘Rainbow Wizard Brew’, ‘Plastic Egg Faces’, ‘Expressive Henna Art’ and much more; to offer visitors a glimpse of the curriculum adopted by the kindergarten, the British Early Years Foundation Stage.

“We’re looking at making this event educational, fun and memorable for everyone, from the little ones right up to their parents. The activities we have planned for our Open Day will give visitors a closer look at our curriculum and the environment we have here at the hive,” said Mrs Puvanes, Head of Academics at Kinder Labz.

In an effort to make the event an exciting and engaging one for the visitors, the team from Kinder Labz will be giving out ‘Buzz-ports’ (passports) to visitors at the reception as they enter the hive; and upon completion of the activities listed, they will be able to redeem a goody bag at the office.

In preparing for the event, Ms Rachel, a teacher at Kinder Labz said, “We’re having so much fun preparing for the Family Fun and Open day, we can’t wait to see everyone enjoying themselves. With so many fun activities we have in store for you, come with your family and join in on the fun.”

The event is set to start at 9am and end at 2pm on Saturday; parents who are looking to sign up their children at Kinder Labz will enjoy a special promotion on the day. For more information on the event, call or Whatsapp 010 664 4211 or email

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