POSTPONED: Shuddup N’ Dance (14 & 15 Mar 2020)

By Gisele Soo

For many years, talented dancers were unable to display their skills, especially proponents of street dance.

Not anymore, young talents today have the opportunity to unleash their expertise at the upcoming annual street dance competition organised by Shuddup N’ Dance. The event serves as a platform for enthusiasts to showcase their creativity on stage and help redefine the public’s perception of street dance.

Street dance has been stigmatised by society as it is considered ‘dangerous’. “People perceive that street dance is for those who’ve no interest in studies which I don’t agree with,” said Alan Thoo, the marketing head of Ipoh Parade during a media conference held at Salon Du Chocolat, Ipoh Parade Mall on Thursday, March 5.

“Dancing is not a hobby or a pastime in which some make a career out of it and after seven years, we’re still telling people that street dance is healthy,” Thoo remarked.

“It’s a slow but steady progress because we’ve been receiving positive feedback. They’re more receptive of the concept and we’ll continue to cultivate and instil the understanding in the people,” Thoo asserted. “Hopefully, this approach will help reduce the stigma,” he added.

When asked what makes street dance one of its kind, Danny Lee, leader of the Rejuvenate Dance Crew and chief judge, said it possesses identity and creativity. And it conveys the uniqueness as dancers bring in their own culture and local elements. Thus, in order for one to stand out, they have to be different from the troupe.

Street dance which comprises several categories such as B-Boying, locking, popping and krumping have gained recognition when street dancers graced the Philippines SEA Games last year.

The competition will take place on March 14 and 15 at Ipoh Parade Mall. “This is the seventh Shuddup N’ Dance competition and I am extremely grateful because it brings us a step closer to the World Olympics in 2024,” Thoo added.

Among the categories of the competition are Junior Crew Showcase (any style), Solo Battles (Bboy Battle and Open Style Battle) and Popping Battle and Street Dance Crew Showcase.

The contest will be judged by award-winning B-boy, Lego Sam and PSVR Crew’s Kar Kheng.

According to Ipoh Parade’s Advertising and Promotion Assistant Manager, Lim Huey Tyng, this is the seventh year Ipoh Parade is hosting the Shuddup N’ Dance competition. She is keen on seeing the growth and awareness of street dance being elevated to the next level.

Want to try your luck? Visit Ipoh Parade’s Facebook page at You may also register at http://bit/ly/2PpRPgX for Crew categories and for Battles category.


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