Who’s in the Club Today? – The HCPS Prospecting Team (Episode 14)

Most people do not know that the Club incorporates a tin mine of its own. Today the sun is shining and the prospectors are hard at work. Chin, the leader of the Gang, is very happy as with the sun shining he will earn one Straits Dollar today, a princely sum for a coolie in 1932.

Chin is an immigrant who came from China by boat and train. His fare was paid by Towkay Ong. He had only the singlet and pants he was wearing – no luggage; no shoes. He is better dressed today.

Met at the station, he was given one cent for his lunch with which he enjoyed a bowl of noodles, yam cake and a pot of Chinese tea In a kopitiam. Then he was taken to the tin mine and assigned to Prospecting.

It is no wonder he is smiling, for his day’s wages will buy him 100 meals.   

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