Letter: Statistics for all Zoonotic diseases are a must

The website of Perak State Health Department gives weekly statistics on dengue cases including hotspots. Now there is also an outbreak of chikungunya; in my area, Lim Garden, there are six cases to date. The tamans Cherry Park, Kg. Manjoi and Silibin surrounding my place also have chikungunya cases. In Lim Garden, eight people are confirmed to have typhoid. Typhoid can be spread through close contact with an infected person.

When the main market in Ipoh was closed for two days for cleaning, it was said that there were 50 chikungunya cases there. A friend told me there are 30 typhoid cases in GH. People are worried when hearing these. Are they true or are they rumours?

The State Health Department website must give statistics on all zoonotic and water-borne diseases to dispel the rumours. In addition to dengue, the statistics for chikungunya, typhoid, leptospirosis etc should be provided. The public should get the true information. 

Healthwise, where are we heading?                                                                                                                

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