Letter: COVID-19 is a Health Issue, not a Security Issue

By The Malaysian Health Coalition
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The Malaysian Health Coalition urges the government to remain focused on the health aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially in Sabah.

We strongly urge the following:

  1. The health and welfare of the Rakyat must be above all else.
  2. The use of laws and government powers must be proportional to the health threat of the pandemic.
  3. Existing laws have proven adequate since March 2020, such as the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act 342 and multiple SOPs. Pending further details, we do not see any additional public health value of an Emergency.
  4. A disproportionate response is counterproductive and will erode public trust. In turn, that will result in non-adherence to existing laws and SOPs and possibly worsen the pandemic.
  5. Do not use health as a political tool.

The health professionals of Malaysia are united against COVID-19 in solidarity with social, economic and democratic principles. We have a duty to the Rakyat, including the duty to protect the integrity and credibility of our health service.

The Coalition wishes all Malaysians strength, unity and calmness as we fight this pandemic, together.  



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