Fight Paedophilia with MyCemas App 

In celebration of the National Family Day and Family Safety campaign, the ‘MyCemas’ mobile app had its soft-launch ceremony at the Menteri Besar’s residence, graced by MB’s wife, Datin Seri Nomee Ashikin Mohamed Radzi. 

The app is jointly developed by the federal government and Helping Shoulder, an anti-paedophilia NGO. 

Lila Ruzaini

According to the president of Helping Shoulder, Lila Ruzaini, the MyCemas app helps in the prevention of crimes involving children and families. 

“We highly recommend parents to download and utilise the app,” she told reporters after the ceremony recently. 

“Nowadays, smartphones aren’t only for communication purposes, but they’re also usable as an assistance aid should emergencies happen,” Lila posited.

“We see cases from time to time where children were involved, but when their situation was made known, they would have already been victimised,” said Ridzman Azzahari, chief technical director of MyCemas. 

“This is because they did not have the chance to pick up the phone and make a call to someone who can intervene, as the criminal was possibly next to the victim, ready to commit the offence.

“With MyCemas, one needs to only push the power button three times continuously, and the app’s system will automatically share crucial information such as location of the smartphone user, battery level and sound recording which is silently activated upon push, to contacts listed by the user,” he elaborated.

Launch gimmick by Nomee

Nomee Ashikin conveyed her gratitude to Helping Shoulder and MyCemas for having chosen Perak as the pioneering state for the Family Safety campaign before it goes nationwide.

“I urge all families with children to own the MyCemas app, as it helps guarantee their safety. I’m confident that crime cases where children are concerned, especially paedophilia, can be countered much more effectively with the inception of MyCemas,” she expressed.


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