Small Efforts Make A Big Difference

The world is hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. The declining economy and rising unemployment rates are some of the bigger problems that people often talk about. But how about those who are struggling to even afford a meal amid the pandemic? 

In addition, it has caused a huge dent to many businesses, which led to companies needing to come up with ways to ensure business continuity. 

Cultural activist, cook, animal lover and proprietor of Makan Nyonya, Jason Chai shed light on the damages we have done in the name of development. “People are wrapped up in themselves and they seem to have forgotten the importance of togetherness. This pandemic has knocked some sense into us. Remember, the lives before all of these, where food and shelter are basic needs,” Jason expressed. 

Supporting the tagline #Kitajagakita, he is determined to give back to the community. As stated in his FB page, “If you are not working nor getting a paycheck, are struggling to make ends meet and running out of food or necessities, please don’t let yourself or your kids go to sleep on an empty stomach. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to send us a private message. We are more than happy to help.” He offers free meals as a means to aid the ones in need.  

“It’s time we drop our ego and rebuild our community. Together we can help big time! I’m here to help parents with young kids and people who have lost their jobs due to this pandemic. I’m inspired by my cousin who has been laid off as a result of retrenchment from Genting Resort. She’s a widowed mother with three children,” he added. 

Asked how open are the people to receiving help, Jason lamented, “It’s still a stigma and people succumb to fear, as seeking help is viewed to be a form of weakness. Hence, it’s difficult to reach out to them.” 

Jason encourages the community to participate in food drives to succour the needy. One can start by helping with daily groceries. “I hope to see a more considerate and help-inclined community in the future,” he remarked.

Anyone who wishes to donate can check out Jason’s FB page or contact him at 0165974848.

Jason is also part of the Christmas Cheer Project organised by Family Wellness Club. Stay tuned for the next write-up!


Gisele Soo


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