Online Art Contest: COVID Through My Eyes

By Mei Kuan

Initiated by the Ipoh Fine Arts Society, an ongoing creative art contest running on the theme, “Covid Through My Eyes” is open to all Perakeans with free entry and attractive cash prizes.

Shanti Lingam, the President of Ipoh Fine Arts Society (IFAS) explained on the online competition, “We have had a lot of time to think about COVID-19, as have many others during these last 10 months. It has affected livelihoods in virtually every endeavor and unraveled lives. For example, education is stalled with schools shut, communities are shuttered down and health care is staggering under the weight of people contracting the virus. We wanted to create an avenue for people through art to let us see their world.” 

“In a time when everyone is locked at home, alone, feeling isolated and helpless about the situation they are in, we thought of creating an opportunity for them to express their feelings and thoughts through art. A positive step to bring out their talents and creativity on paper. We are offering cash prizes for their effort which will be of use in these hard-pressed times,” she expressed.

Among the judging criteria for submitted artworks are creativity, originality, quality of artistic composition, interpretation and clarity of the theme. Do take note that all entries must be the participant’s own unaided work.

The age groups are divided into three: below 10 years old, 11 to 16 years old and 17 years old and above. Closing date is set on 10 January 2021.

The top winners will bring home cash prizes of RM1000 (first prize), RM750 (second prize), RM500 (third prize) and RM100 (consolation prizes x 10).

To participate, simply fill in the online application form and upload a picture or video of your hardcopy artwork of any form via this link.

Inquiries can be emailed to: 

Founded in 1989, the Ipoh Fine Arts Society celebrated its 30-year milestone last year. The NGO is aimed to promote the rich beauty of arts and culture for a more vibrant city. For more updates, visit the Ipoh Fine Arts Society Facebook page.


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