Letter: Shelve your litterbug attitude now

Shelve your litterbug attitude now.

Please stop littering. I have seen enough people discarding their rubbish calmly from their cars onto the floor of car parks and even some who calmly wind down their windows to dispose of their trash even while driving.

The recent viral video showing a woman throwing bags of rubbish into the river from the comfort of her car is only the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of litterbugs out there, who have done the same and worse without remorse. These irresponsible individuals commit sin to the environment regardless of night or day and at times in full public view.

Where is your civic consciousness? You wouldn’t throw the rubbish in your own house. Why do so on our public roads?

Let me remind you that the trash you discard onto the roads from your vehicle poses a hazard to all road users. Think of the bigger picture as there might even be damage to property and God forbid, human lives.

It is not difficult at all to keep whatever waste you have in the car until you come to the right disposal facility. It doesn’t require any academic qualification too. It only requires the right mentality.

Mother Nature has already taken a beating from years of abuse. How much more can she take?

Stop your shameful act. It is a horrible example to set to the young. An eyesore to the landscape and an embarrassment to the nation. Think long and hard of what you are doing to the environment.


Yeap Ming Liong


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