Going-Home Journey of the Late Matriarch Mdm Chan Sun Yau

By Moy Ooi Thye

Traditionally, it is considered auspicious when one who has lived up to 100 years and passes away. It is a day with no regrets and fond remembrance. The funeral rites are different and special, steeped with Chinese traditions where all are seen wearing red.

The funeral service of 102-year-old Mdm Chan Sun Yau was a rare occasion for all to see old traditions coming to life once again as the family observed some of the age-old traditions. Mdm Sun Yau died of old age peacefully at her home.

On January 16, 2021, the late Mdm Sun Yau was given a grand send-off journey by family members and relatives who were all wearing red, with two red lanterns hanging at her residence. A funeral service was conducted by Pastor Yu of Canning Garden Methodist Church before leaving for Tambun Christian Cemetery for burial. Present at the service were church members as well as close friends. 

The late Mdm Sun Yau has 4 children: 2 sons, Moy Kok Seong and Moy Kok Ming; 2 daughters, Moy Ooi Thye and Moy Oi Lin, as well as 27 grandchildren and great grandchildren.

The elder daughter, Ooi Thye said her mother was a very forgiving, patient and optimistic person, always maintaining a cheerful disposition. “My mum does not have any secret to longevity. She drank one to two cups of coffee everyday. She liked laksa and curry mee, drank coconut water, cendol and ate many other local foods.” Ooi Thye said her mother took supplements and exercised everyday. She joined the group exercise at the garden park every morning and later did her exercises at home when she had mobility problems.

She became a Christian at the age of 80 and since then she had been a faithful and committed Christian.

“In fulfilling our mom’s wish to be always generous in nature, we made donations to 30 organizations including schools and charitable bodies in the city.”

The cheques/donations were handed over by Ooi Thye, who is also the President of the Ave Maria Convent Alumni Association and Board of Governor/Board member of Ave Maria Convent Primary and Secondary School, which happened to be her alma mater.

Giving away the donation cheque.
(From left, Moy Kok Ming , Moy Kok Seong , Liew Swee Fong (AMC Secondary School Principal) , Moy Ooi Thye , Moy Oi Lin.)

“Mom has left us for her eternal home and is now safe in the arms of Jesus!!” she said.

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