Details on the Updated SOPs for Chinese New Year

According to a statement released by the Ministry of National Unity dated today (February 8), it is stated that family reunion dinners are only permitted on February 11 (Thursday) with no more than 15 closest family members living within a 10km radius zone without involving inter-district and inter-state travels. Only 2 people are allowed in the vehicle going to and fro the family reunion dinner following the MCO SOPs.

Closest family members refer to husband-and-wife, parents, children and siblings. 

Besides that, religious activities at religious institutions (including ancestral homes) are allowed on February 11, 12 and 19 (3 days) only and are subjected to the following strict SOPs:

  1. Number of devotees present at religious institution does not exceed 30 at a time with face mask-wearing and physical distancing
  2. Time allocation for prayers is 30 minutes and with intervals of 30-minute sanitisation works before the next 30-minute praying session
  3. Schedule for prayers to begin from 6am till 2pm only 
  4. Praying activities on February 19 are permitted at respective home porches at night according to the Chinese New Year tradition of the Hokkien Clan.


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