Feng Shui Tips from Master Tham

Master Tham Kuen Wei and his father Grand Master Stanley Tham

Master Tham Kuen Wei and his father Grand Master Stanley Tham, are Feng Shui experts practicing in Ipoh. These are some of their general predictions for the coming year.


By Master Tham Kuen Wei and Grandmaster Stanley Tham

For the year 2021, the horizon for different animal signs varies; every individual has their own timing and fate, even for twins and triplets. Hence, the information here is only at the most general level. Those born under the year of Ox may enjoy higher chances of romance or relationship improvement this year, but there may be more obstacles this year compared to the previous. There are also risks of getting sick this year. Those born under the year of Rooster and Snake would enjoy the luck of romance posed by 2021. These two zodiacs may have more chances of seeking out their romantic partner, or to improve business and friendly relationships with others. Tiger, Rabbit and Horse may enjoy a slightly better year compared to the previous, and be able to accumulate wealth. However, the Dragon, Goat and Dog zodiac may have more risks of obstacles in their career and personal lives. The Monkey zodiac would have better chances of support from friends and peers, as well as more chances to improve their financial situation. Those born under the year of Boar will have more chances of expansion, growth and exposure. Lastly for Rat, they would be busier this year, due to many events such as family, career or their own endeavors bearing fruit. 

For Feng Shui advice  that is extremely effective for your home or business purpose, it is advisable to engage Feng Shui Masters for a preliminary assessment and investigation of your building. There is no better way than to consult an expert to ensure the Feng Shui of your environment is good. This involves assessing many aspects such as your residential and commercial premises, and even the Ancestral Feng Shui of your elders which can all affect the Feng Shui energies of an individual.

However, you may also do more good merits and deeds, where it could either delay or improve one’s negative and positive energies respectively. For Buddhists, you may wear some protection amulets that have been blessed by monks. 

Some of the following guidelines may also be helpful:-

  1. Avoid facing sharp edges, sitting under a beam, facing sharp buildings or objects at the external environment
  2. Avoid having poisonous, thorny or dying plants or animals at your home
  3. Have adequate sunlight that balances with the interior environment
  4. Clear clutter to encourage Qi Flow
  5. Avoid simply installing or activating water features without proper investigation which may lead to disastrous quiet effects
  6. Avoid killing within the premises such as feeding livestock to pets; a commercial establishment involved in poultry or food may require different remedies
  7. Improve the circulation of energies in the bedroom, kitchen and office 
  8. Do more charities, social welfare causes or volunteering work for the good and wellbeing of others


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