MBI Facebook Live Regarding Waste Management (4 Mar 2021)

Ipohites are invited to watch the ‘MBI dan Anda’ programme which will be streamed live via Ipoh City Council (MBI)’s Facebook page at Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh, 10am tomorrow (March 4).
The livestream, which will be centering around the topic discussion of waste management, will be moderated by Senior Director (Administration and Operations) of MBI, Musa Dun, and attended by special guests, Senior Assistant Engineering Director (Works and Development) of MBI, Arif Mohd Zainudin and Deputy Health Director of MBI, Manisegaran Subramianiam.
This is an opportunity not to be missed by Ipohites to directly obtain input regarding waste management in town.
Also, Ipohites will also be given the chance to lodge reports and/or issues regarding waste management at their respective areas.
Do not miss the livestream tomorrow!


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