‘Never Give Up, Keep on Fighting Against COVID-19’—Saarani

The Menteri Besar of Perak, Dato’ Saarani Mohamad urged the public to not take the COVID-19 pandemic lightly or view it as merely imaginary.

“As of late, there are countless assumptions and erroneous perceptions that trivialise the threats of COVID-19.

“It is worrying that some view the deadly virus as just made-up facts. They despise and underestimate adherence to SOPs, to the extent that non-compliance is something to be proud of.

“This is a very dangerous mindset. Please believe me when I say that the threats of COVID-19 we’re facing are real.” 

He said in a televised address via his official Facebook page earlier today (May 21).

Recent data of daily infections have shown an increase by more than 6,000, with the total deaths exceeding 2,000. According to Saarani, these numbers are forecasted to continue spiking.

“Thousands of COVID-19-positive patients are fighting for their lives in hospital wards, with some relying on ventilators.

“The saddening experiences of our frontliners dealing with the virus are not tall tales. These aren’t fictitious.

“Thus, I beg the public to never take it easy. The virus spreads so rapidly, it infects people in unexpected ways.

“If there aren’t any emergencies, just stay at home. If out and about, please follow SOPs; wear a mask, maintain a safe distance and personal hygiene, sanitise hands frequently and most importantly, stay away from groups or crowds.

“I understand that at times, the SOPs make it difficult for everyone. However, they are for our own good. We don’t have a choice,” he said.

“Just remember that our health and safety are non-negotiable. 

“At the very least, think of the people around us; husbands, wives, children, our beloved.

“Don’t let them suffer because of our carelessness. Don’t lose them because of our forgetfulness,” Saarani reminded.

He urged the public to be at the best of efforts in protecting themselves and their families.

“We don’t have much time. This war has become virulent.

“We won’t win it without a persistent and strong dedication. 

“Never give up hope. Keep on fighting,” Saarani expressed.


Chris Teh


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