RM2.38 Million to Aid Affected Perakeans During EMCO

Some RM2.38 million will be allocated by the state government of Perak to aid citizens, especially the poor and those under the B40 category that are heavily affected by the ongoing enhanced movement control order (EMCO) implementation.

According to a statement by the Perak Menteri Besar’s office dated today (May 23), out of the total, RM1.2 million will be channeled to the district and land offices (PDT) involved in the EMCO, in which the ones at Kinta District and Larut, Matang and Selama District are receiving RM400,000 each, while Hulu Perak District and Muallim District are receiving RM200,000 each.

The remaining RM1.18 million will be channeled to 59 service centres of state assembly members (ADUN) around Perak, with each receiving RM20,000 to facilitate ADUN’s management of COVID-19 prevention at their respective administered areas.

“The aid was announced by MB Dato’ Saarani Mohamad during a virtual meeting with all state assembly members earlier today.

“Even though the EMCO SOPs this time are significantly more relaxed, Saarani wants all PDT and related authorities to monitor and ensure that the aid reaches citizens in an immediate manner.

“He has agreed to prioritise the contribution of food boxes to the poor and those who lost their jobs and income sources due to the EMCO.

“The value of food boxes, list of beneficiaries and distribution methods are at the discretion of each PDT involved.

“Should there be excess funds, PDT may utilise them for other necessities pertaining to COVID-19 prevention management, such as the purchase of medical supplies,” the statement added.


Chris Teh


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