RM19.5-Million Perak Sejahtera Economic Stimulus Package (PRE)

Some RM19.5 million will be allocated by the state government via the 2021 Perak Sejahtera Economic Stimulus Package (PRE) in facing the two-week lockdown from June 1 to 14, which includes closure of social and economic sectors. 

According to the Menteri Besar of Perak, Dato’ Saarani Mohamad, the PRE was approved during a meeting with the lineup of state executive councillors (Excos) earlier today (June 2).

“The PRE will focus on guaranteeing the livelihoods of citizens badly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdown, comprising poor households from the B40 category, drifters, small businesses, traders, youths, farmers and also affected tourism operators.”

He told reporters during an online media session via Zoom today.

The essence of the PRE:

  1. Housing Plan Rental Exemption
  • One-month exemption of rental payments for June 2021 for the Rancangan Perumahan Awam (RPA) (public housing) programme under the Perak Housing and Property Board (LPHP), involving 24 recipients.
  • One-month exemption of rental payments for June 2021 for the People’s Housing Programme (PPR) under LPHP, involving 41 recipients.

2. Moratorium of Loans and Rent-to-Own Housing

  • One-month moratorium of loan repayments for June 2021 for the Rumah Harapan programme to 69 recipients.
  • One-month moratorium of loan repayments for June 2021 for the Skim Rumah Insan Amanjaya (SRIA) (housing-loan scheme) to 443 recipients.
  • One-month moratorium of hire-purchase payments for June 2021 for RPA to 690 recipients.

3. Stall Rental Exemption and One-Off Payments for Traders/Small Businesses

  • One-month rental exemption for June 2021 for 10,264 stalls under the administration of Perak local authorities (PBT), involving RM1,602,924.
  • One-off RM300 payments for 47,226 licensed stall and small business operators to resume business activities after the end of MCO 3.0 (which will be channeled via related PBTs), involving RM14,167,800.

4. One-month moratorium of repayments for June 2021 for the Perak State Higher Education Loan to 228 students.

5. Establishment of a temporary placement centre (PPG) for drifters in Kinta District, involving RM750,000.

6. Tourism Sectors

  • Payment exemption of hotel licence renewal for 565 hotels registered under PBTs, involving RM448,048.38.
  • One-off RM3,000 special aid each for 80 members of the Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH) Perak, involving RM240,000.
  • One-off RM2,000 special aid each for 35 members of Persatuan Umrah, Haji dan Ziarah (PUHAZ) (association of travel agencies specialising in umrah tours), involving RM70,000.
  • One-off RM2,000 special aid each for 11 homestay managements, involving RM22,000.
  • One-off RM500 special aid each for 400 boat tour guides at Pangkor Island, Temenggor, Teluk Intan, Kuala Sepetang and Kampung Dew Kelip-Kelip (fireflies), involving RM200,000.
  • Phase 4 #TravelPeraklah tourism vouchers for Persatuan Pengusaha Spa Negeri Perak (association of spa operators in Perak) and PUHAZ, involving RM368,000.

7. Land Taxes

  • Exemption of late payment penalties for all ownership types, starting June 1, 2021 until October 31, 2021.
  • Discounts for lump-sum payments of land tax arrears starting June 1, 2021 until October 31, 2021; details as below:
      1. 20 percent discount for arrears amounting to more than RM1 million.
      2. 15 percent discount for arrears amounting to between RM500,000 to RM999,999.
      3. 10 percent discount for arrears amounting to less than RM500,000.
  • 20 percent discount (parcel rent) for stratified business properties, involving 9,051 owners, starting June 1, 2021 until August 31, 2021.
  • Apart from land taxes and arrears, over-the-counter land-related affairs such as transfer of ownership, mortgage, mortgage release and other handovers which require time are also affected by the ongoing EMCO. Some suggestions to improve the convenience of citizens and lessen their burden are as follow:
      1. Exemption of late penalties for handover of any expired businesses in the duration of EMCO.
      2. Automatic one-month duration extension from the ending date of EMCO for Form 5A and 7G of the National Land Code 1965 and  exemption of application fees.
      3. Exemption of late penalties for expired ownership revenues in the duration of EMCO and a one-month extension for payments.
      4. One-month approval period extension for permission letters of ownership transfer / mortgage / lease that expired during EMCO.

8. Agriculture and Fishery

  • The Post-COVID-19 Farming special programme which covers farm input materials worth RM3,000 each to benefit 120 farmers, involving RM360,000.
  • Purchase of agricultural produce from affected farmers and gardeners. This initiative involves RM300,000.
  • The Urban Fisheries Programme which covers aid contribution of fishlings, food, cabins and accessories, human capital development programmes for participants and certification of the Malaysian Good Agricultural Practice (myGAP), involving RM309,940.
  • Harvesting equipment assistance, involving RM115,800.
  • Food boxes worth RM100 each for 700 affected land fishermen, involving RM70,000.
  • Seed farming and fish food input (worth RM2,000 each) for 90 small-scale breeders, involving RM180,000.

In a related matter, the state government will be allocating RM2 million to eight more district and land offices (PDT) in Perak for preparation of food and necessity aids to those affected by the lockdown.

“The allocation comprises RM400,000 for Manjung PDT and RM200,000 each for PDTs in Kerian, Batang Padang, Hilir Perak, Larut, Matang and Selama (LMS), Perak Tengah, Kuala Kangsar dan Kampar, including an additional allocation of RM200,000 for Hulu Perak PDT.

“Meanwhile, the entire lineup of Excos and I as the MB will be contributing our three-month salaries to the COVID-19 Disaster Trust Fund to aid in the fight against the worsening situation,” Saarani added.

Previously, the state government had contributed RM1.2 million which were channeled to four PDTs involved in the EMCO implementation, which are Kinta PDT (RM400,000) and RM200,000 each for PDTs in Hulu Perak, Muallim and LMS.

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