Vaccination Made Easier at PMC Clinics

Perak Medical Centre (PMC) Sdn Bhd has emerged as one of the earliest privately-owned clinics in the state to be appointed as a vaccination centre (PPV) to speed up efforts towards achieving herd immunity from COVID-19.

According to the managing director of PMC Ipoh Old Town Branch (also the main branch), Dr K. Supramaniam, this is a collaborative step under the National COVID-19 Immunisation Programme (PICK).

“With the clinic now a PPV, we’re able to share the Ministry of Health (MOH)’s workload in vaccinating as many individuals as possible, subject to our capabilities.

“As proven in other countries such as the United States of America and the United Kingdom, the more individuals are vaccinated, the less emergence of those who test positive for the virus.

“Thus, there’s a need for every individual to get vaccinated as soon as possible. This is the only way out.

“As of now, nearly 2.1 million Malaysians have obtained their second doses of COVID-19 immunity vaccines, although we’re still rather far behind from achieving satisfactory herd immunity.

“MOH itself couldn’t accommodate the towering number of individuals who are in need to be vaccinated.

“As such, I urge other private clinics to partake in PICK to speed up the rate of vaccination even further.”

He told reporters during a media session in the PMC Ipoh Old Town Branch at Jalan Tun Sambanthan earlier today (June 15).

“For starters, we’re aiming to vaccinate 54 individuals by the first week of vaccination starting today. Our vaccination time is from 12pm to 6pm daily.

“Other than this main branch, the Kampar Branch is also commencing vaccinations today, while the remaining branches at Silibin, Jelapang and Batu Gajah will begin next week.

“All of our vaccination appointments are subject to allocation via MySejahtera,” he mentioned.

Salbiah Giman and Nurul Atikah Yusof

26-year-old Nurul Atikah Yusof from Ipoh who accompanied her 81-year-old grandmother Salbiah Giman, expressed her satisfaction towards the overall vaccination process.

“It was so easy. We were contacted by health staff yesterday regarding the first-dose appointment. Mind you, I helped my grandmother to register for vaccination only last week.

“Since arriving at the clinic, the entire vaccination took less than 10 minutes. I’m very satisfied with the service here,” she said.

Zaharah Mat Derus

80-year-old Zaharah Mat Derus from Sungai Siput who obtained her first dose at PMC Ipoh Old Town Branch had the same opinion.

“I didn’t feel anxious at all. There were fewer people at the clinic.

“The staff were very friendly and helped me all the way.

“So I urge everyone from all walks of life to get themselves vaccinated as soon as possible, because it’s for the betterment of the public and everyone around us,” she expressed.

Addresses of PMC Branches:


  • PMC (Main) 47, Jalan Tun Sambanthan, 30000 Ipoh
  • PMC (Silibin) 285, Jalan Silibin, Taman Alkaff 30100 Ipoh
  • PMC (Batu Gajah) 1, Jalan Kemajuan, 31000 Batu Gajah
  • PMC (Kampar) 41, Laluan Batu Sinar 2, Kampar Sentral, 31900 Kampar
  • Poliklinik WeCare: 6, Jalan Niaga Jelapang 1, Halaman Niaga Jelapang, 30020 Ipoh



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