Food Aid to Underprivileged R. Suganthi

The Ipoh City Council (MBI), in collaboration with Econsave Jelapang, contributed RM500 worth of food items to 53-year-old R. Suganthi, who lost her residence and had to take shelter at a friend’s house here in Ipoh since early this year.

According to the Mayor of Ipoh Dato’ Rumaizi Baharin, MBI is making efforts to acquire a new flat unit owned by the council for Suganthi.

“We were informed of the hardships faced by Suganthi, in which she is unable to make ends meet.

“Thus, under the MBI Prihatin initiative, the council joined hands with Econsave in contributing some food items and some cash in the hopes of lessening her family’s burden,” he told reporters earlier today (June 25).

Also present was the manager of Econsave Jelapang Shah Effendy Rosman.

“Econsave is offering her a job opportunity as a security guard for one of the few Ipoh branches, since the situation of the pandemic now is not conducive for job searching,” he said.

Suganthi was involved in an accident back in 2015 which caused her to be permanently affected by spinal injuries, and she now requires constant medical attention.

“When I went for a recent follow-up treatment for my spine, the doctors directed me to take a year’s break before I’m allowed to resume working.

“I told Econsave that I’ll contact them when my condition is totally restored, and only then will I accept the job offer.

“For now, I’ll be focusing on my treatment and recovery.

“My daughter was also involved in an accident back in 2011 where she suffered memory loss. Till date, I’m still looking after her. 

“From the bottom of my heart, I thank MBI and Econsave for their kind gestures.

“Hopefully, I regain my strength and energy as soon as possible to continue providing for ourselves,” Suganthi expressed.


Chris Teh


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