SCI/SBS and PWW Collaborate to Aid the Needy 

Sunway College Ipoh (SCI)/ School of Business (SBS) and Perak Women for Women Society (PWW) have, together, developed a shared value partnership to bring hope and joy to the local marginalized communities. As an institution of higher education, Sunway College Ipoh endeavors to align business teaching and learning with ethical responsibilities via involvement with local industry and communities. The COVID-19 pandemic has created life-threatening safety concerns, and with strict SOPs in place, SBS and PWW have initiated a corporate social responsibility (CSR) project donation drive to deliver dry groceries to families severely impacted by the lockdown. 

As a matter of fact, both SBS lecturers and students reported that the project has been an excellent learning experience.  It provided learning opportunities for the whole team as there were many obstacles to address, with the COVID-19 pandemic on the rise. The students have shown resilience and a shift in mindset as they faced various challenges while working on the school project. The many concerns and challenges faced in implementing the CSR project have enabled SCI/SBS to participate as responsible members of society and the local community. 

“We do have to learn to live with the Covid pandemic responsibly as this has become our new normal. The way forward is to deliberate on problem-solving solutions as proposed in the Sustainable Development Goals, SDG2030, SDG 1, Eradicate Poverty,” mentioned a spokesperson from SCI/SBS in a press release today (August 1). “As a higher education provider, we in SCI/SBS endeavor to bring realistic awareness of sustainable business solutions to our local community through our wide range of business programme offerings and shared value partnerships.”


Perak Women for Women Society (PWW) is a registered, apolitical, non-profit, and non-governmental organization (NGO) set up in 2003 to enhance the status and the lives of women in Perak regardless of race, religion, or social background. PWW aims to provide all means of assistance and support for women and children in the community who are victims of violence and discrimination. They also advocate mutual respect and promote gender equality in society. The needy, especially those in urban areas have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. With many coffee shops and restaurants having to cease operations during the Movement Control Order as imposed by the government, many, especially the women in the daily wage group, have suddenly found themselves without a job overnight while many more continue struggle to feed their families and pay bills in the wake of a pandemic that slows down for no-one. It is thus PWW’s main goal during these times to aid these women and their families through relentless fundraising and various charity projects.

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