PWW and Malaysian AEON Foundation Aid the Needy

Since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, Perak Women for Women Society (PWW) has been supporting many women and their families in the B40 group, with food aid and milk powder. 

Working together with the Malaysian AEON Foundation, they distributed food aid to another 120 needy families at Flat Taman Pertama in First Garden this morning (August 21). These families are mostly hardcore poor and are struggling to put food on the table.

Each of these families received a box of food provisions which consisted of a bottle of oil, sugar, flour, sardines, instant noodles, milk, milo, TOP washing powder, thick soy sauce and a 10kg packet of rice. PWW hopes these will help them tide over at least for the next two weeks.

Leading the distribution were Cik Edna Dasan from the Malaysian AEON Foundation and Ms Irene Khoo, Area Manager of AEON Credit Service, Ipoh, together with volunteers from PWW and AEON, as well as En Faiz. RELA guards were engaged to make sure all the standard operating procedures (SOPs) were adhered to strictly.

PWW expresses their gratitude to the Malaysian AEON Foundation for the generous donation that has brought relief and cheer to the residents of the flat.



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