Tun Razak Library Given a Makeover with New Murals

Tun Razak Library (PTR) in Ipoh was given a fresh makeover with newly painted outdoor murals on the exterior.

According to the Deputy Mayor of Ipoh, Ahmad Munir Ishak, the project started early this month and was completed in the span of three weeks.

“The idea of realising these murals as the latest addition to PTR is to attract more visitors and/or local tourists to visit the library.

“PTR is one of the first public buildings in Ipoh to be installed with murals, and thus, is made an interesting landmark in the city. The murals also serve as an effort to promote PTR to more members of the public.”

He told reporters during a walkabout around the library today (August 26), adding that some RM50,000 was allocated for the mural painting project.

Local mural artist in charge, 34-year-old Nur Sirajuddin Sharifuddin who goes under the name Mytho, said that the art concept featured is based on the functionalities of the library while also integrating “smart city” concepts.

“We’re aware that there are plans to develop PTR as a digital library. As such, we painted mostly three-dimensional (3D) books besides adding modern gadgets into the mix, all the while staying true to the purpose of a library as a place to gain knowledge.

“We used spray paints imported all the way from Spain for the murals, as they have higher durability. The colours can last for more than seven years.

“The challenge was that Ipoh doesn’t have any spray paints available, so we had to source them from Kuala Lumpur.

“With that said, my team and I had to measure the required colours and graphic sizes properly before we commenced the painting works.

“We had participated in mural painting projects around the city before, but this was our first time ever collaborating with MBI. We thank them for the opportunity,” Mytho expressed.

“Hopefully, with the murals, PTR emerges as the latest tourist attraction in Ipoh, among many others in development like Kinta Riverwalk and the light and sound project in Ipoh Padang,” Munir expressed.


Chris Teh


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