Pinji Kinta Vax on Wheels Transitions Into Second Phase

Coverage Expanded to Ipoh Timor Constituents Covering Pasir Pinji, Canning and Tebing Tinggi

The Pinji Kinta Vax on Wheels mobile vaccination centre (PPV) initiative is transitioning into its second phase soon, thus expanding coverage to include constituents under the entire federal constituency of Ipoh Timor. These include Pasir Pinji, Canning and Tebing Tinggi.

Member of parliament (MP) in charge, Wong Kah Woh said that the team behind Vax on Wheels have successfully procured 200 additional daily doses of the vaccine from the COVID-19 Immunisation Task Force (CITF) and as such, will be able to administer up to 600 jabs this Saturday (September 11) onwards, instead of the current capacity of 400.

“76 percent of Perakeans have completed their first doses, while 52.5 percent have completed both doses. However, based on data collected via home visits by the team, there is still a large number of Perakeans who’ve yet to receive their vaccinations due to various reasons.

“Thus, I urge Ipoh Timor constituents aged 18 and above to step forward and register for vaccination. No one gets left behind in our effort to hasten the vaccination rate among the community here in Ipoh.

“Anyone who’s willing to obtain their vaccine doses are under the good hands of the respective service centres of Pasir Pinji, Canning and Tebing Tinggi constituencies.”

He told reporters during a media session at the Vax on Wheels’ current location at Taman Pinggir Sungai Pasir Pinji Ipoh today (September 9).

Also present were state legislative assembly members (ADUNs) for Pasir Pinji and Canning, Howard Lee Chuan How and Jenny Choy Tsi Jen, respectively.

“The fact that CITF approved of the Vax on Wheels initiative via allocation of 200 additional doses into our vaccination capacity has proven our ability to assist members of the public in securing their vaccination appointments as soon as possible.

“Since our first phase of vaccination affairs on August 7 last month, we’ve successfully administered vaccinations to 7,239 individuals, 2,392 out of which had completed both doses in the past week. 

“The number was out of 14,700 households visited, which was a rather hard-earned result,” Howard added.

“Hopefully, more enthusiastic Samaritans or parties join forces with us to further assist those in need of vaccination appointments,” Jenny expressed.

Those who require help in obtaining vaccination appointments may contact the following numbers:


Pasir Pinji : 016 450 9602 / 014 950 3771

Canning : 010 213 8907 / 014 950 5510

Tebing Tinggi : 010 393 2908 / 014 950 3775

Chris Teh


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