Rubbish Collection Schedule to Return to Normal in a Month’s Time

The Ipoh City Council (MBI) assured that rubbish collection schedules around residential areas in Menglembu will return to normal in a month’s time.

When asked on this matter, MBI Councillor for Zone 20 (Menglembu), Mahader Ahmad Mohammad Ayob explained that this was due to a number of workers having tested positive for COVID-19 recently.

“Rubbish collection is still ongoing three times per week as normal here at Bandar Baru Menglembu. Other areas heavily affected by the shift in workers’ availability had their rubbish collection reduced to twice per week. 

“It isn’t that we intentionally refuse to collect the rubbish, but in dire circumstances such as this, we were left with no choice but to reduce the frequency due to lack of workers.

“I expect the situation to improve after around a month, when all of those who tested positive for the virus recover and are ready to return to work once more.”

He explained during a media session after handing over 845 rubbish bins to the residents of Bandar Baru Menglembu earlier today (September 25).

Also present were representatives of the Menglembu Zone Residents’ Representative Committee (JPP), Wong Toong Nyan and Kwan Wai Kiat, among others.

“The JPP had previously applied to the council for distribution of the rubbish bins, as the residents here are in need of those. Also, this was the first time Menglembu benefitted from this initiative.

“As such, we thank MBI over the provision of the bins as a step to change the hygiene and cleanliness habits of the residents here for the better,” Wong said.

One of the recipients, 71-year-old Hee Sing Koon expressed a sigh of relief over the rubbish bin distribution.

“Now I have a proper place to discard all of the trash, instead of leaving them everywhere,” he commented.


Chris Teh


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