Letter: Badminton match observations

Badminton fans in our nation will join me in congratulating the Malaysian badminton team for the splendid performance against Indonesia till the early hours this morning (October 2), thrilling us right down to the last match edging Indonesia 3-2. 

Prior to this, I watched the ladies doubles Malaysia played against Japan. Our girls smashed very hard and often only to see their Japanese opponents returning the smashes with the momentum generated. Their defence is strong and consequently, our girls lost. Do allow me to make two observations but I am not sure if they would be helpful as I play badminton just at club level. 

Firstly, too few smashes were directed in the middle. Most of the smashes were hit directly at the opponents and they were ineffective. I saw only one or two shots in the middle and points were won. Why didn’t the girls continue smashing to the centre? Or I wonder if the coach advised them to do that?

Secondly, the smashes were at the same angle. The returns were grooved as the opponents had little trouble dealing with them. It would be helpful, perhaps to smash at different angles; how to put it, (90% as parallel to the sidelines – smash at 45%, 60%) vary the angles as much as varying the position of smashes, with more right to the middle?

I am not a good badminton player but I hope our team will continue to shine.


By Dato’ Daniel Tay
Novices champion Ipoh Swimming Club partnering Edwin Wong
Doubles champion in Ipoh Swimming Club for above 50 years for 4-5 years partnering Chan Teon Fong


Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect the official policy or position of Ipoh Echo.


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